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Cards Against Humanity Game ***Box May Be Damaged

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Brand new Cards Against Humanity Game. ***Box May Be Damaged*** 

It's everyone's favorite go to party game! Sure to get everyone involved in on the fun, Cards Against Humanity accommodates up-to 17 players!

Players are sure to laugh their way through this highly acclaimed card game for adults. Get your dark humor caps on & on point when you play Cards Against Humanity at your next adult game night. Begin the game by picking the Card Czar. The Card Czar plays a black card face up and then proceeds to read the question or fill-in-the-blanks phrase on the black card out loud.

It's up to the person who flipped the black card to decide whose white card was the most humorous. You repeat this process until one player collects the most number of black cards and wins the game! The rules of Cards Against Humanity are flexible and may be combined with various house rules that players can come together and choose to incorporate with the general rules.

Game includes 460 White Cards and 90 Black Cards for players to create awkward and boundary-pushing jokes in the hopes of becoming the winner against humanity.

Box can be damaged.

Suggested Age: 17 Years and Up

Material: Paper

Type of Game: Party games

Playing Time: 30-60 Minutes

Includes: Cards

Number of Players: 4 or More Players

Educational Focus: Social skills

Package type: Full game


TC187 R a1/1